My LinkedIn profile.

I’ve built commercial software-controlled products, mainly industrial but enterprise too, for 30+ years, in North America, Western Europe and East Asia. For the most recent 15+ years I’ve mainly managed development projects and consulted on business drivers, development processes, system/software architecture, design, testing, and refactoring.  I now specialize in verifiably-correct control logic for safety-critical and business-critical systems. My background is mathematics.

My projects are either fixed-price or time-and-materials, for various related purposes:

  • Analyze an envisioned system and help make forward-looking architectural and design decisions for it, especially around system and subsystem control logic, and preferably using modeling and model-checking.
  • Evaluate underway design and construction for completeness and correctness, in particular as regards asynchronous control logic. I study, measure and assess source code where available.
  • Recommend and justify specific tools, directions, processes, priorities and/or  risk mitigations.
  • Monitor and manage work when appropriate and desired.

I’m located near Boston in the US, and I work worldwide.

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